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Cowrie Kini

Cowrie Kini

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The Cowrie Kini (named after the Cowrie shell! The shape of the top resembles two cowrie shells I think) is a bikini pattern with two style options for the top and a French cut bottom with medium coverage and two waist rise options. View A, the flat front top, is finished with fold over elastic (FOE) and has a G-hook closure in the back. You can choose either mid- or high rise bottoms for both views. View B, the tie front top, is self faced and this construction is commonly called “seamless”, meaning you don’t see the seams and the lining and main fabric is the same.

You will learn:
✿ How to sew swimwear on your regular sewing machine, no serger necessary.
✿ Two ways of finishing edges on a bikini

Choose knit fabric labeled “swim” or “active wear” with 4-way stretch. Typical compositions include Nylon/Spandex and Polyester/Lycra. Aim for at least 15% of elastane (also known as Spandex or Lycra). For US residents, has a large selection of swim fabrics.

For View A, you will need 1” FOE to finish all edges. For US residents, the website has a good color selection of FOE. For View B, you will need good quality 1/4”(6mm) swim elastic or knit elastic, either polyester or cotton. Rubber and clear elastic is not recommended for this pattern.

✿ A4/Letter print at home
✿ Projector file

View A
✿ 1”(2.5cm) FOE
✿ 3/8(1cm) swim elastic for shoulder strap
✿ 5/8”(1.5cm) G-hook
✿ Matching thread for both FOE and SELF fabric

View B
✿ 1/4”(6mm) swim elastic

✿ Bust 28”-58”/ 71-147cm
✿ Hip 31”-61”/ 79-155 cm

✿ Intermediate

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Rachael Salisbury

I had stayed away from undergarments/swimwear after a particularly disastrous bralette experience years ago but couldn't find a swimsuit that I liked online and braved this pattern. This was one of the best patterns I've ever used—instructions are so clear and the process explained so you understand WHY you do certain things and where you can personalize. My suit is the most comfortable and flattering I've ever had!

One of my fav patterns!

I don't have much experience sewing swimwear, but this was such a fun, easy, quick sew. It's a unique bikini design that's super comfy as well! I didn't make a toile and cut into my nice fabric the first go, and had a great fit with minimal adjustments the first go (just had to adjust the strap length and the top back length). The instructions are maybe the best I've ever read; with so much information and lots of fitting adjustment suggestions. I will be making many more!